What's New

worship in-person and online

We are again meeting in-person for worship and we continue to broadcast each Sunday on Facebook and YouTube beginning at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern). Masks are not required though we respect those who continue to wear them. We are thankful that conditions have improved to such an extent that we are able to gather in this way and that we are also able to remain connected virtually. 

spring sermon series: spiritual alchemy

God has the wondrous ability to take the negative aspects of our lives and turn them into gifts and blessings through spiritual alchemy.  This series will examine the process of this miraculous work and help us yield to it.

April 24 - Turning Shame into Service - John 21:15-22


May 1 - Turning Sorrow into Joy - Psalm 126


May 8 - Turning Bitterness into Gratitude - I Samuel 2:1-2


May 15 - Act on What We Hear - James 1:19-25


May 22 - Turning Arrogance into Humility - Proverbs 3:1-8


May 29 - Turning Greed into Generosity - Luke 19:1-10


June 5 - Pentecost: Turning Conflict into Community - Acts 2:1-12


June 12 - Rev. Carol Ramsey-Lucas Preaches


June 19 - Turning Foolishness into Wisdom - Hebrews 12:5-11


June 26 - Turning Despair into Hope - Job 19:14-27

bible study: in-person and online

A few weeks ago, people in all three weekly Bible studies expressed a need for more joy in their lives.  They asked for help.  Beginning April 20, Pastor John will lead a six-week study on Joy, drawing from Scripture and guidance offered by Christian writers with keen insight on the subject.  Both the in-person and online Bible studies on Wednesday as well as the online Bible study on Thursday will study Joy.

sexual orientation and gender identity study

Pastor John will lead a two-session study on his view of a Christian understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity June 19 and 26 in the prayer meeting room at 10:00 a.m. This study was postponed from earlier dates due to scheduling conflcts. All adults are invited to attend. A virtual edition of this presentation will also be offered.

News from hungary

Rev. Carmella Jones, a member of UBC, serves as an American Baptist missionary in Hungary with International Ministries and their partner, Hungarian Baptist Aid. In the latest edition of her newsletter she writes, “Since the war began, we have had thousands of refugees from Ukraine flooding into Hungary and I have seen God’s mercy and faithfulness." Carmella notes that they had to close their temporary shelter due to a Covid outbreak among guests and volunteers but are scheduled to reopen this week. “Please pray for our sustainability,” she writes. “Pray for the ongoing supply of needed volunteers. Pray as God continues to open the windows of heaven for our strength as we seek to welcome the stranger.”