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Sermon Series: The Holy Spirit and You

In September, we began a 10-week sermon series on the Holy Spirit. Upcoming sermon titles and references are as follows:

September 27 - Baptized in the Spirit - Luke 2:21-22

October 4 - Spirit-Filled and Spirit-Led - Luke 4:1-13

October 11 - The Holy Spirit’s Mission - Luke 4:18-19

October 18 - Confirmed by the Spirit - Luke 9:35

October 25 - The Available Spirit - Luke 11:13

November 1 - The Vulnerable Spirit Luke - 12:10-11

November 8 - The Empowering Spirit Acts - 1:5-8

November 15 - The Spirit’s Evidence Acts - 2:1-17

November 22 - The Spirit’s Blessing Acts - 5:27-32

World Communion Sunday, October 4

We will celebrate World Communion Sunday by identifying the over 30 different nations of origin of the members of our congregation. We will also voice the prayer requests offered by our members for the nations of their birth.

Online bible study: discerning the guidance of god

This fall, both our online Bible studies (Adult and Young Adult) will focus on how to hear the guidance of God. We’ll examine seven key scripture passages that help believers learn how to differentiate God’s voice from the many other influences that shape our decisions. Themes include: Jesus as a guide, love as a guide, and, the church as a guide.




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